Stripe Wood Ring

Stripe Wood Ring

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Shaped and sanded by hand to create a ring that is 100% unique to you. Each stripe of this ring is carved from a single piece of wood, showing off the unique natural colour and pattern.

Create your own custom made ring by choosing a wood type for the OUTSIDE stripes and a different one for the CENTRE stripes.

  • Wood Material #1 - OUTSIDE stripe
  • Wood Material #2 - CENTRE stripe

Price may increase based on the wood material(s) chosen.

The ring is bored out to size, then sanded silky smooth, and coated no less than 4 times in a water-resistant finish. They should not be considered waterproof however. Any scratches that pierce through all the layers may allow water to soak into the wood and cause the ring to expand. To keep your wood ring looking it's best, you can polish it with a soft cloth. A coat of beeswax can also be added to get that extra bit of shine.

You should remove your ring if you are going to have your hands in water for any long period of time, such as swimming, washing dishes, or bathing. Since the ring is one solid piece of wood, it is more brittle than a normal metal ring. If you are going to be lifting or carrying heavy solid objects, it is best to remove it. Please never wear rings when working with spinning power tools or equipment.

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Typical Processing Time for Made to Order Item 5-7 Days
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Local Pickup Evenings (after 6) & Weekends: North Regina | Specific time and place for pickup to be arranged with Maker after purchase

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